40+ Inspiring Cool and Cozy Kitchen Design Ideas

40+ inspiring cool and cozy kitchen design ideas 45

Kitchen Design Ideas – Cool and Cozy

Kitchen designs differ from country to country – so why not incorporate some general kitchen design ideas into your home.

The weather has a significant influence on the way we live. Homes in climates; that are always hot are constructed in a completely different manner to those; that have to withstand dramatic changes from one season to another.

In a country where food is cooked on an outside barbecue; and meals are eaten al fresco, the kitchen design may reflect this lifestyle.

Ensuring that you have proper ventilation to maintain a relaxed atmosphere inside becomes your primary concern; and of course, efficient refrigeration will be vital if perishable foods are to be stored safely.

Choosing lightweight furniture; that can be moved into the garden or on the verandah, patio, or terrace is another practical aspect to consider; it is usually made of woven cane or pale timber.

If it is continually hot outside, you may prefer to create a kitchen; that will also be visually cool – by devising a pale, soothing color scheme.

Use flat matt shades of blue and grey; with pale painted walls and try to avoid complicated patterns that would upset the sense of calm.

It is worth remembering, however; that these decorative schemes need lots of bright clear light, or their coolness tends to become clinical and unwelcoming.

The enduring appeal of the white villages of rural southern Spain; Provence and Tuscany is due in part to the other colors – drawn from the surrounding countryside – that are combined; with that white

This baked terracotta, natural sandstone, and dusty pink tones also provide warmth in the winters, which are often harshly cold.

Of course, you can glean inspiration and decorative ideas from holidays abroad; but transporting one country’s style to another may be downright disastrous: colors; that look sensational in the sunshine can feel oppressive unless you can reproduce a similar light; by natural or artificial means.

Thick wooden shutters on the windows; or canvas canopies, function not only to provide shade in summer but protection from freezing winds too.

If necessary, stone or tiled floors are pleasantly cool in the summer and maybe warmed up by mats or rugs. You may have a door opening directly from the kitchen onto the garden; that can be left open permanently when the weather is beautiful to allow a cooling breeze to refresh the kitchen.

But cool breezes become icy draughts in winter; so this will probably need weatherproofing – with a warm and colorful curtain perhaps.

And flexible but reliable heating that can respond quickly to changes in the weather is a modern convenience; that nearly everyone would consider essential.